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Tips for Danes Working With Americans on DR Radio P1

“Today I have in the studio Kay Xander Mellish, and she’s here to talk about her new book, Tips for Danes Working With Americans”, announced host Tore Leifer on DR’s Radio P1 the other day.

It’s always enjoyable to visit the DR studios on Amager – so enjoyable that I didn’t mind that Tore had misunderstood the name of the book, which is actually Working With Americans: Tips for Danes.

A lively conversation
Tore and I had a good chat about several aspects of the book, including why it’s necessary to act excited and enthusiastic around Americans (otherwise they’ll think you’re bored), why hierarchy is so important to Americans, and how to make business small talk with American colleagues and customers. Listen to the conversation.

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Flip Book Working with Americans Working with Danes

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Photo credit: Kay Xander Mellish 2024

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