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How to Work in Denmark in the Media


The unwritten rules of Danish working culture” – Berlingske Business



“Starting a job in the Danish workplace can be hard for foreigners” – Danish regional newspaper network taler med amerikansk gaesteforelaser Kay Xander Mellish.

amerikansk gaesteforelaser



Danish “freedom with responsibility” can be misunderstood by internationals – Børsen Ledelse taler med Kay Xander Mellish, foredragsholder om dansk arbejdskultur.

foredragsholder om dansk  arbejdskultur



“Ask for help when you need it” – Sondag Magazine interview med amerikansk gæstetaler Kay Xander Mellish.

amerikansk gæstetaler


“No one told me how important it is to eat cake in the office” – Femina taler med amerikansk oplaegsholder Kay Xander Mellish.

amerikansk oplaegsholder


Four ways to avoid conflict with your international colleagues – Berlingske talks to Kay Xander Mellish, expert on Danish working culture:

expert on Danish working culture



Kay Xander Mellish speaks to TV2

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