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Most Danes speak beautiful English, but there are a few common mistakes that keep their English from being perfect.

Should you say She learned me to play golf or She taught me to play golf? Is it He borrowed me his golf clubs or He loaned me his golf clubs? And is a great evening a fun time or a very funny time? And why should you never translate ‘derfor’ and ‘hermed’ directly?

You’ll find out at this enjoyable event, which will help Danes with excellent English skills become even more confident and fluent when speaking or writing English.

Brøler på engelsk

Kay Xander Mellish arrived in Denmark 16 years ago. A trained journalist and a former member of the communications staff at Danske Bank, Carlsberg Breweries and Saxo Bank, Kay runs her own communications consulting business in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is behind the podcast series ‘How to Live in Denmark’ and is the author of the book ‘Top 35 Mistakes Danes Make in English‘.

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Or read more at www.danglish.dk.


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