How to Live in Denmark eBook now available!

If you enjoy the podcasts and this website, you may also enjoy the new How To Live in Denmark book, now available for download from Amazon, iBooks and Saxo.com.

The book is an easy-to-read collection of essays from the first year of the How To Live in Denmark podcast, which premiered in summer 2013.

It includes material from some of the most popular podcasts, like ‘No Planned Hangovers: Ways I will not Integrate in Denmark’ and ‘Tips for Dating a Danish man’ and ‘Tips for Dating a Danish woman.’

There’s also an extra essay with a little bit more personal information about me, such as how I first came to Denmark.

I hope you enjoy the book, which I’ve tried to price at an affordable level for everybody – around DK50, varied only slightly by your local level of sales tax.

Please contact me if you’re interested in a volume package to distribute to your student or work organization,  of if you’re interested in having me stage a live ‘How To Live in Denmark’ event. like_us twitter_button

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    Reply Anna Magnusdottir September 10, 2014 at 9:03 am

    Hi 😉
    Just listened to you on TV2 and related to everything you said and loved your basket !! I come from Iceland, just around the corner, but the differences are great – as in big and good. Liked your point about making friends to those who did not grow up in the toxn/kommune you live in. My circle of friends are other foreigners and then my childrens friends parents.
    We chose to move her, not to change the danes but to learn and live in a much more family-friendly country than Iceland is. But their way of thinking and view on things can sometimes quite easily drive me nuts !!
    You had a bottle of red wine in your basket. Yeah … our daughter just got confirmed, but chose to do so in Iceland. Still, she went throuh the preparation with her danish friends along with “Blå Mandag”, which we, the parent group, chose to take over and planned a great day for the class – the aim being making them exhausted enough to come home at a descent time in the evening.
    But, she also went to a few confirmation-parties, without us. Where she was offered wine with her dinner. She is 13.
    I discussed this with a group of mums, mums to her class mates, and more than half of them did not understand my worries. I asked “and tell me, what if the child (cause yeah you are a child at 13/14) has too much to drink … ” … that might as well be expected was the answer … and I asked “a girl, with her white dress on and vomit all over … really?” … the answer was that that was what the extra clothes are for and it would be a funny story for later …
    I did not and will never agree on this.
    Also – their use of the f-word … I could go on and on … in short my children are not allowed to use it and we have discussed and explained why. No exceptions.

    Sorry I’m going on and on – really liked your input on the morning show and would like to know if it is possible to hear you talk at some point somewhere?

    Ha’ en god dag – mvh Anna

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      Reply Kay Xander Mellish September 11, 2014 at 1:51 pm

      Hey Anna – thanks for your comments! I think I learn more from my readers than they learn from me! 🙂

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