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What should you pack if you’re moving to Denmark? Here are a few tips

What do you need to pack if you’re moving to Denmark? Casual clothes, over-the-counter medicines, unique ingredients for recipes, and games with English-language rules, writes Kay Xander Mellish in a new article for TheLocal.DK.

An extra set of eyeglasses is useful if you wear them, she adds, since optometry and opticians aren’t covered by the Danish health system and can be expensive. It’s also a good idea to bring along an external hard drive to back up your laptop data – laptop theft is all-too-common in Denmark.

And you can leave your high heels at home. In Denmark, practical clothing is key.

Dress for bicycling
Kay writes: “Bicycling is a big part of Danish life, particularly if you’ll be living in Copenhagen or Aarhus, so bring clothes you can bike in. Loose skirts, for example, work better for biking than tight pencil skirts. Length is important too: flowing ankle-length skirts can end up caught in a greasy bike chain, and so can wide-leg trousers.

Also think of biking when you choose shoes to bring along. Slides and flip-flops can be hard to pedal in. In general, bring shoes that are practical and comfortable – you’ll be doing a lot of walking – and if possible waterproof. A rainy country like Denmark is no place for fragile shoes.

You can read the entire article at TheLocal.dk.


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