The How to Live in Denmark Book: Updated Edition (Paperback)


As sold at the Danish National Museum gift shop! The “How to Live in Denmark” book is based on the “How to Live in Denmark” podcast, available on iTunes and Spotify. In this fun, easy-to-read book, Kay draws on her own experience as a foreigner in Denmark in when it comes to learning Danish, trying to find a job in Denmark, and looking for a place to live in Copenhagen. She also touches on dating in Denmark, Danish drinking culture, Danish child-raising, and how you can guess a Danish person's age from their first name alone. This entertaining look at life as an outsider in Denmark draws on gentle humor and can be enjoyed by both foreigners and their Danish friends.
Order the 152-page paperback book from this page – it can be sent anywhere in the world, and Kay will autograph it at your request.
You can also order the book on Amazon, Saxo.com, Google Play and iTunes.

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